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Embryo Collection

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2017 04:04PM CDT
Transnetyx accepts embryo samples for genotyping. Transnetyx real‐time PCR technology is extremely sensitive; any contamination with excess fluid can cause undetermined results. Please follow the guidelines below to collect embryonic samples.
  1. A limb or tail of ~3 – 5 mm length is the preferred embryo sample size.
    • If the embryo is too small for the above, cut through the pelvic area to collect the full lower limbs and tail as a single piece.
  2. If a limb or tail is not possible or is too difficult to collect, use the following procedure:
    • Start with a piece of embryonic tissue, such as the head or abdomen.
    • Using a clean cotton swab (Fisher cat# 23—400‐114, for example), press the swab into the well and rotate to absorb all the sample and fluid. Swabs can be provided, upon request.
    • Take the swab out with the tissue stuck to the swab. If necessary, use a second swab to dry the well. A relatively dry sample is very important.
    • Remove a limb‐sized piece of tissue from the first swab with small forceps and place back into the plate well (you may use any clean, sterile 96‐well plate for this initial drying step).
    • Place the samples in the designated Transnetyx 96‐well plate, and firmly press the rubber cap mat into the wells to ensure no sample contamination in transit.
    • Embryo tissue may be shipped at room temperature in a Transnetyx 96‐well plate as usual. No special shipping is required.

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