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How to Use the 'Excelerate Your Order' Feature

Last Updated: May 03, 2018 12:39PM CDT

How to Use the ‘Excelerate Your Order’ Feature

First, select the ‘Start QuickOrder’.

The 'Excelerate Your Order' option will be located at the top of the page. Please note that choosing this feature will default to all probes being used on the strain. If you need to any deselect probes, this will require manual entry of your order.


Next, download the provided Excel© template with preset formatting. You must use the Excel template in the existing format we have provided to ensure your order details are uploaded correctly. Please do not make any modifications to the spreadsheet (delete sheets, font, color, outlining, add or remove columns, etc.).

When copying and pasting information into the spreadsheet, please make sure to choose ‘Match Destination Formatting’ in the paste feature options.

**We highly recommend downloading a new template for each new order placed.**

Once you open the new template, begin by entering the well plate barcode number next to Well A1 in the ‘Well Plate’ column of the spreadsheet. When you select the Enter key, the well plate number will autofill the barcode for the rest of the wells on the template (A1-H12). If you have any empty wells on the plate, you will need to leave the ‘Well’ and ‘Well Plate’ information on the spreadsheet to serve as a place holder on the order.


Next, a sample name will need to be entered for every well, unless it is an empty well. Please make sure that every sample name is unique.


In the next column, the strain name will be entered for each sample. These must match the strain name in your account to the exact character. We recommend using copy and paste to enter this information (make sure to choose ‘Match Destination Formatting’ in the paste feature options).


The next step is to mark any control samples included on the order. If a sample is a control, simply enter ‘Y’ in the ‘Is Control’ column.


In the instance where a sample needs to be omitted from the order, maybe the specimen has died or the sample needs to be tested at a later date, then ‘Y’ can be entered in the omit column for that specific sample.


Once you have completed entering the order information in the spreadsheet, save the edited file and return to the Start QuickOrder page of your account. Select the ‘Upload Your Template’ button and choose the file to upload from the location it was saved.


The system will then take you to Step 2 of the order process to verify that the strain and sample ID information has been uploaded correctly from the template. Proceed to Step 3 to complete the order information and finalize the order for processing.

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