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How to Submit PCR Product for Sequencing

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2018 10:57AM CST
In the case where you receive the notification that your strain requires more sequencing you will to either send Transnetyx your sequence data or send PCR product for sequencing. If this mutation has never been sequenced, please submit a sample (instructions below) to be sequenced at no cost. For your convenience, a sequencing kit with prepaid return shipping is on its way to you. If you choose to have your sample sequenced through us, you can collect your sample and ship back to us in the provided kit.

For optimal turnaround and results, please send one of the following:
  • PCR Product from a known homozygote mutant for each required allele (wild type is not needed).  We recommend 30ul of 50ng/ul product.
  • Mutant Gel Band from a heterozygous sample. Please add an extra microliter of DNA to gel well to ensure DNA yields for sequencing.

Expected sequencing turnaround is 3-4 days upon receipt. Please note, if you intend on sending a genomic sample (tissue biopsy) instead, please contact your assay designer for an expected longer turnaround.

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