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Why is Probe and Strain Validation so important?

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2017 04:06PM CDT
Accuracy. For any new strain you create, the probe or combination of probes must be validated for that line before we can guarantee accuracy.  

We collect strain information from you, our customer, so we know where to place and how to design assays that have the best chance of properly distinguishing between the possible genotypes your strain will produce. We do not have animal colonies at our facility. As such, we do not have controls for strains or assays that we test for you. 

Validation is important to eliminate potential human error during strain set up. For example, if a collaborator has provided you with incorrect genetic information or someone has shipped you the wrong animal model, assay validation can identify this early in the process and we can help troubleshoot this with you. Validation is especially important when multiple mutations are crossed in the same animal. Cross reactivity between probes can results in incorrect genotypes that our production system is not equipped to identify. For example, if a generic marker is used to detect the presence or absence of a mutation and that marker exists as a part of more than one mutation in the animal, you cannot be certain which mutation is present. Any time a cross strain is created in the system, the resultant strain needs to be validated. Remember, we do not have controls for your samples and the only way to get them is from you.  

3 Best Practices for Approving a Strain

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